Good New Everyone!

Big News Everyone! I have decided to self publish. It will be tough to advertise for myself, but I think it’s about time I get started on making something of myself. Keep up on the lookout for updates, posts. Check my twitter, check my author page on Facebook. I’m very excited. 



Many words have multiple meanings in the language, and that is why I have decided to spend my life trying to understand our language. I have so often see that miscommunication comes from missing context. We know what certain words mean, and even what we want to try to say. However, the context is what is often lost in translation as we try to discover what other people mean. The idea of what Democaracy means to me may be completely different to what it may for another person. Can a perfect utopia exist if we can’t even agree what utopia would be since it is supposed to have a universal meaning? We use stereotypes to judge people based on appearance, yet their personality can be drastically different from what their outward self presents to the world. What would make the world a more equal place to live in than it already is? Should rich people have to give up their money so the poor have more? Should everyone be given the same rights and opportunities as the middle class? Is a society equal when women still do not get the same amount of pay as the men do? So many questions arrive from the context a word is said, and also who says it. Context provides meaning more than anything, by providing another perspective on what a word can mean and how the word can be taken. Language provides us with the backdrop for meaning, it is the foundation of society itself and when it becomes too difficult for even it’s native speakers, a change must be made so that meaning and emotions can be expressed without misunderstandings continuing.